Community Involvement

XIX ISPCAN International Congress on Child Abuse & Neglect; Istanbul, Turkey; September 9-12, 2012:

This ISPCAN Congress theme was “Every Child Matters: Promoting Local, National and International Partnerships for Child Protection.” Kerry Simpson attended this Congress and did a presentation entitled: “Child-Therapist Privilege.” This presentation focused on the processes involved in dependency and neglect cases and the responsibilities, disclosure and privilege of therapists in such cases.

XVIII ISPCAN International Congress on Child Abuse & Neglect; Honolulu, Hawaii; September 26-29, 2010:

The ISPCAN Congress provided the opportunity for many different types of professionals from all across the world to meet, share and discuss their concerns and ideas regarding the challenges of preventing child abuse and neglect. Joe Pickard was chosen to present a workshop at the ISPCAN Congress entitled “Forensic Child Abuse Experts; Effective Reports & Testimony.” His interactive presentation served to hone the forensic skills of every discipline called upon to render evidence to the legal system. The specific skills that were discussed in his presentation were: effective forensic report writing and the ability to provide effective and professional expert witness testimony in court. Kerry Simpson was chosen to present a paper review at the ISPCAN Congress that focused on the impacts of war/catastrophic events on orphans primarily in third world countries. The main learning objectives are to recognize and identify definitions of “orphan,” factors to weigh in considering permanent or temporary removal of a child/children from their native country due to war/catastrophic event, and legal standards necessary in order to gain asylum/refugee status.

Haystack Colorado; November 23, 2009-January 23, 2010:

November 23, 2009

January 12, 2010

January 23, 2010